Here are just a few of our recent success stories and we have hundreds more…..

Mr. Whipple: Firestorm Victim. Says of Alan White and & Associates: “GOD SENDS”
Increased claim by:
$77,524.50 +34%

The Damianos; “We needed help, and we knew it” Increased claim by:
$66,766.08 +35%

The Dubbs: With no hope, a victim of the
Cedar fires, gives the last try to Alan White.
Settlement Increased claim by:
$311,642.23 +124%

The Gafneys: Victims of the Cedar fires. We recommend you to everyone who has suffered like us. Settlement Increased by:
$53,151.91 +48%

The Juarez’s suffered a minor fire, but the insurance company was not very giving.
Hired Alan White. Increased claim by:
$10,565.51 +43%

The Marrs family: Cedar fire victims. Recommended Alan White & Associates to all fire victims. Increased claim by:
$143,718.10 +33%

The Middletons: Their rental property completely destroyed. After many settlement fights, a successful conclusion
Increased claim By:
$164,957.45 +92%

Dr Parcell: No time for claim adjusting. Being a doctor is a full time job. Said he would leave it to the professionals. Smart Doctor! AAA offered $47,000.00
Settlement:: Increased claim by:
$156,690.84 +330%

The Parras: A minor pipe break. As a result of negligence by his insurance company, mold ensued, and they did not want to pay. End result, they paid. Increased claim by:
$27,449.29 +85%

The Sampson's: Cedar fire victims. Like many, needed help because their insurance company wouldn’t.Increased:
$61,869.50 +54%


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